Colorado Coaching Competencies

A survey of coaching initiatives statewide revealed that while a significant amount of coaching is being done in Colorado with common broad goals, there is great variability in practice. The Consortium determined that a set of shared standards, in the form of coaching competencies, could be helpful in guiding coaching work around the state.

The Colorado Coaching Competencies

The Colorado Coaching Competencies outlines a common set of principles, or standards, for coaching. It is based on an in-depth analysis of the skills and dispositions required for coaches to be effective in fostering professional development and promoting quality outcomes for early childhood educators. The Colorado Coaching Competencies are a useful resource to support the developing coach in a number of ways:

  • As a professional development tool for programs and initiatives that support coaching
  • As a coaching self-reflective tool to review and strengthen skills and dispositions
  • As a tool for promoting coaching as a profession
  • To inform ongoing conversation on the role of coaching
  • To support coaching efforts in Colorado

We encourage you to utilize the Colorado Coaching Competencies to enhance your own development and/or the development of those coaching with whom you may be working. We hope you will connect with us and provide feedback and insight as you utilize the coaching competencies.

A Self-Reflective Tool

The Colorado Coaching Competencies: A Self-Reflective Tool serves as a reflective tool for those coaching to assess their own competencies in the following areas: Setting the Foundation, Co-Creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectively, and Cultivating Learning and Results. It can be instrumental to the developing coach, supporting them determine the next best steps to take on their path of professional development and growth. Currently, it is being used by students in the University of Colorado Denver Coaching Academy as a pre- and post-self-evaluation tool, as well as a way to reflect on the knowledge and skills they have gained.

The Self-Evaluation Tool is an invaluable resource for the developing coach. We trust you will use the document to periodically check-in on your own growth and development. We invite you to connect with us and other coaches through our website to share your story and progress, as well as gain insight from those on similar journeys to your own.