About Us

teacher holding books

The Colorado Coaching Consortium was created in response to a need: to connect the various coaching initiatives across the state under a common standard of excellence in order to best serve its community of coaches and the people they serve.

In the spring of 2007, a committed group of stakeholders began to meet regularly to collaborate and share knowledge in order to answer that need. Together, they created the Colorado Early Childhood Coaching Competencies and Self-Evaluation Tool. This achievement and its success were the direct result of that collaboration of thoughts, ideas, experiences and resources.

With ever-changing industry knowledge, regulations and standards, the founding members understood that the only way to sustain excellence would be through the consistent practice of connection, collaboration and support for the developing coach. To that end, the original mission of the organization was not only to actively promote excellence in, and opportunities for, early childhood coaching, but also to strengthen collaboration among stakeholders.

As time progressed, the organization’s efforts became more focused on developing the early childhood coaching credential for the state and their coaching system. Although this was valuable work, it took the Consortium away from its roots and from its dreams of how it could impact its community of coaches.

Today, the Colorado Coaching Consortium has come full circle. We have recommitted and realigned ourselves with our roots and original intention.

Going forward, we envision a coaching system that supports a professional wherever they are on their journey. We want to provide a space for collaboration and connection that will benefit all stakeholders. We are committed to supporting the growth of the developing coach at all levels. As an organization, we are also committed to our own growth and development. We understand that in order to best serve our developing coaches and professionals, we ourselves need to consistently reflect, develop, grow, innovate, and elevate.

Our mission is to become a supportive and collaborative conduit where all developing coaches and professionals can connect, discover, exchange and reflect on various coaching methods and strategies in new and innovative ways. Through this shared exchange of knowledge and experience, we can fulfill our dream to positively impact the work of our developing coaches and, in turn, the work of the professionals with whom they engage in coaching interactions and, perhaps most importantly, the families and children they impact.

Our greatest achievements thus far are the Early Childhood Coaching Competencies and Self-Evaluation tool we developed during our first major collaborative effort. We look forward to seeing what future will emerge through the connection and collaboration of all developing coaches and early childhood professionals across Colorado.