CCC Mission

The Colorado Coaching Consortium’s mission is to provide opportunities for the developing coach and increase connection of coaches across Colorado by providing resources, information exchange, and organizing access to a web-based forum for learning and support.

CCC Vision

We envision Colorado’s Early Childhood Coaches striving for their highest potential through ongoing learning and connection.

CCC Inspiration

Innovate, Integrate, Coordinate,
Advocate, Elevate:
Elevating the Human Potential of the Developing Coach

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Thank you

Thank you to the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation for providing funding to enhance and advance our mission of supporting the ‘developing coach’.

Colorado Coaching Consortium
2020 Steering Committee Members

  • Ellen Coker
  • Tina Esquibel
  • Geri Mendoza
  • Janet Humphryes
  • Ty Johnson
  • Phyllis Lucas
  • Laurene Phillips
  • Lisa Sadar
  • Josie Watters

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